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The City of St Petersburg has mailed an informational letter to all households within Harbor Isle which contains additional updates on the condition of the lake. Link listed to the right. 

An algaecide application will be made on March 6th.  Residents living on the lake will have a door hanger placed by the City regarding this treatment.


You may print the application for the program using the link below.  Please note there are two pages to complete.  You may mail in application (address on 2nd page) or scan and email to SensibleSprinkling@stpete.org




"Beautiful Isolated Picture with Mallard Swimming" by MrWildlife@freedigitalphotos.net



By now you should have received the letter mailed to residents of Harbor Isle regarding the current condition of the lake.  If not, you may click the link listed below for a copy of the letter

Harbor Isle Lake_02-26-19 Letter.pdf



Alert on Algal Bloom in Lake

The Florida Department of Environmental Protetion sampled the lake water on January 10th and the results showed an ongoing algal bloom.

Residents are advised to avoid contact with the lake water until this situation is resolved.  Please keep your pets away from the area as well.

Results of the current testing can be found on the following link:


Additional information for frequently asked questions regarding algal blooms is available on the following link:


Questions regarding effects on personal health can be obtained from the following link addressing frequently asked questions from the Florida Department of Health:


Important Contact Information


City of St Petersburg

City of St Petersburg Police

Recycling Schedule-https://www.stpete.org/sanitation/residential/docs/2019%20Recycle%20CalendarB2Yellow-5x8%20-proof.pdf

Florida Wildlife Alligator Nuisance  

  or call 1-866-392-4286

Mayor Action Line- repair of sidewalk/street  

(if you have difficulty opening- please contact info@harborislehoa.com and info will be emailed to you.)     


Pinellas County Government

Duke Energy

Southwest Florida Management District


Community Service Police Officers  

District 2                           727-551-3182


Non-Emergency Number for Police Department                                            727-893-7780




Harbor Isle Lake Remediation Project Page 1.pdf

"Reeds by the River In a Summer Day"  by Multipedia@freedigitalphotos.net

Chili Peppers On White by Bowonpat@freedigitalphotos.net                                                                            "Chili Peppers on White" by Bowonpat@freedigitalphotos.net



   Dear Harbor Isle Neighbors,                                                                                                                                            

As we approach the holiday season, this is a reminder to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police.  Harbor Isle is a safe neighborhood and The St. Pete Police Department reminds us to maintain safety by taking  the following precautions:

1)           There have been several auto burglaries and thefts over the past years in Harbor Isle, most enabled by access to keys or unlocked doors.  Please lock all doors, remove any valuables and make sure there are no spare or valet keys inside.  TELL YOUR VISITING FAMILY AND GUESTS TO DO THE SAME.

2)            During the holidays there may be in increase in door-to-door solicitation.  Please exercise caution opening your door to a stranger and do not let them into your home.  While some solicitors may be legitimate, too many are not.  NEVER HESITATE TO CALL THE POLICE IF YOU SUSPECT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY.

3)            If you are leaving for the holidays, let a trusted neighbor know so they may look out for any suspicious activity or vehicles while you are away.  Stop paper delivery and always lock all windows and doors.

4)            Please keep garage doors closed at all times unless you are there to visually monitor.  In the past, we have had several instances of stolen cars, bikes or equipment taken from open garages.


Finally, because we share our beautiful area with the occasional coyote or alligator, here are a few reminders from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.  Keep cats indoors as they are at high risk of being preyed upon if allowed to roam free, and, always walk dogs on a leash.  If you encounter an alligator that you believe poses a threat to people or pets, call the nuisance alligator hotline at 866-FWC-GATOR.  Please be aware that nuisance alligators are killed, not relocated.  


Some telephone numbers to keep handy:

St. Petersburg Police Non-Emergency: 727-893-7780

Pinellas County Animal Services: 727-582-2600



Neighborhood Watch is all about getting to know your neighbors and looking out for one another. If you are not already a member,  I encourage you to join the HIHOA and enjoy the many fun activities sponsored by our neighborhood Home Owners Association as well as all crime alerts via email.


Wishing you a safe and wonderful fall!

Diane Lajoie

Harbor Isle Neighborhood Watch Coordinator 



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