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Greetings neighbors,

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the return of summer!  I wanted to let everyone know that a Lake Committee has been formed with the sole purpose of helping to improve the quality of the lake. Those of you that live on the lake have likely noticed the decline in the lakes quality over the years. We hope to reverse this trend.
The initial focus of the Committee will be on the water quality, but they will also be addressing concerns of erosion.
In improving the water quality, there is no single action one person can take to fix this. This will have to be a joint effort of everyone in the neighborhood. A primary factor that is harming the lake is the fertilizer that is used on our yards and the excessive amount of reclaimed water that is sprayed on our yards. Even if you do not live on the lake, your water runoff makes it to the lake via the water drains under the roads. As we get more of our afternoon showers, please turn off your sprinklers. That will have an impact!  Also please ensure your sprinklers are working properly.
The Lake Committee is drafting a newsletter and gathering some flyers from the City on easy ways you can help. They will leave this at every house in the neighborhood in the coming weeks.  Please look at these handouts and see how you can make small changes to help.

Thank you to everyone for your help in preserving our neighborhood.

David House (Posted May 14, 2015)

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Greetings Harbor Isle neighbors,


I would like to thank everyone who helped make our meeting at the Green Bench a success. We had approximately 60 people attend and it seemed everyone had a great time. These events are a great way for you to meet new friends and get reacquainted with old friends and I am glad so many of you took advantage of this opportunity.


We were fortunate to have Angeline Scotten and Officer Ahlers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to deliver a presentation on living with the wildlife in our area. Some of the primary takeaways from the meeting are:


1. Wildlife is here to stay. If the wildlife becomes aggressive then FWC will be more than willing to help, but otherwise it is best to let them help support nature. Ms. Scotten even gave examples of individuals removing coyotes that were not a nuisance only to have another coyote take over that area that was quite disruptive. Ms. Scotten also gave examples of States and regions attempting to eliminate coyotes with the net result of an increase in their population. The same concept applies for alligators. If the alligator appears aggressive then please reach out to FWC and they will take care of the issue. Otherwise, it was suggested to avoid them.


2. Secure your garbage. Ms. Scotten showed several slides depicting the amount of garbage urban coyotes eat. If we can limit their availability to this food source, this should help naturally reduce their numbers in the area. Please secure your garbage.


3. Secure your small pets. Coyotes are not large (adult weight is approximately 35 pounds), but they will make a meal of a cat or small dog that is left to roam at nighttime. Please do not let your animals roam at night.


4. Coyotes are not pack hunters. We learned that coyotes normally hunt individually or with their mate. If we ever see them in groups of larger than two, then they are likely teaching their young how to hunt for food.


5. If you see a coyote, be annoying. It was suggested to make a lot of noise if you see a coyote. They will want to get away from the noise and will run away. If you use this strategy, keep making noise until they are out of sight. Otherwise the coyotes will learn that the noise will stop as soon as they turn around and they will not bother leaving the presence of people.


6. Ducks in your pool? In response to a question from the audience, we learned the slightly less formidable duck can be deterred from camping out in your pools if you place a decoy alligator head in your pool. Ms. Scotten suggested you could find that at some tractor supply stores or online. Plus, this will likely have the added benefit of deterring your in-laws from stopping by to use your pool!

Many of you got to ask questions at the end of the presentation, but if you have any follow up questions, then please reach out to me and I will get in touch with either Ms. Scotten or Officer Ahlers.


Yard Sale

Many of you have asked for the date of the Spring Neighborhood Yard Sale. This event has been scheduled for Saturday morning on April 18th. Please mark your calendars. Our goal is to limit the number of individual yard sales throughout the year, so if possible please participate in the neighborhood yard sales as they are scheduled.


Drive Safely

Finally, we would like to remind everyone to please drive slow in the neighborhood and obey the stop signs. For those of you turning to the right to enter the neighborhood, please stop and look both ways. There is a crosswalk in that intersection and we want to keep this a safe place for everyone. We are fortunate to live in such a friendly neighborhood so instead of speeding by a neighbor, feel free to stop and say hello!


David House





If you happened to notice neighbors traveling around to neighbors' houses Saturday night March 7th, and it looked like they were having a lot fun, that was our Annual Neighborhood Progressive Dinner.   Neighbors who signed up this year visited in other neighbors' homes for courses that included Appetizers, Salad and/or Soup, and Main Entrée and then all gathered at the Ford home for dessert and door prize drawings.  Lots of good food and fun--meeting new people and catching up with friends we know.  It was a wonderful evening organized by Sherry Smith and Anne Gillette.  We are already looking forward to next year's great event.  View a few more pictures and thank you's on the Member site 2015 photo album.






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