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                                               HARBOR ISLE DEED RESTRICTIONS

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  1. These restrictions and limitations are to be regarded as covenants running with the land, regardless of whether they are specifically mentioned in any deeds or conveyances subsequently executed.
  2. Except as hereinafter provided, all lots in the subdivision and all lots enlarged are recreated by the shifting of side property lines are restricted to the use of a single family, their household servants and guests exclusively for residential purposes. Only one residence may be built on one building lot
  3. No dwelling shall be erected on a land area of less than 10,000 square feet.
  4. No dwelling shall have a ground floor square foot area of less than one thousand fifty (1050) square feel for two bedroom houses and no less than one thousand three hundred (1300) square feet for three or four bedroom houses, exclusive of screened area, open porches, terraces, patios, private garages and servants’ quarters or rooms. All houses shall have at least two inside baths.
  5. No trailer, shack, garage, barn, or other building shall at any time be erected and used as a residence or other occupancy temporarily or permanently in the tract. Nor shall any residence or other occupancy of a temporary character be permitted, No structure of any kind shall be moved onto any part of the above described land except temporary buildings used by contractors in connection with construction work,
  6. Prior to start of construction. Builder will submit two copies, of complete building plans. Including a  lot plan and a grading plan to the developer for the purpose of insuring that the homes will preserve a uniformly high standard to construction. No structure or fences shall be erected on any building lot in this subdivision until such plans are approved by the developer in writing, Refusal of approval of plans may be based on any ground including purely aesthetic grounds which. In the sole and uncontrolled discretion to the developer shall be deemed sufficient.
  7. The developer shall have the right and authority to approve exceptions or variations from these restrictions without the notice or Iiability to owners of other lots or any persons or authority whatsoever.  Provided, however, developer shall have no such authority as to the restrictions in paragraph 25.
  8. No noxious or offensive trade or activity shall be carried on upon any lot nor shall anything be done here on which may be or become any bona fide material annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.
  9. No servants’ Quarters or rooms may be erected on any lot except where said servants’ quarters or servant’s rooms are attached to the main structure or to the attached garage.
  10. No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept on any lot except for cats and dogs and other household pets may be kept and then no more than 2, provided they are not kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purposes.
  11. No vehicles shall be parked on any, part of this properly except on paved streets and paved  drive ways. No trailers or commercial vehicles other than those present on business may be parked in the subdivision. No vehicles shall be left on properly that is inoperative. No trucks, buses, boats. Travel-trailers, boat trailers or any other type of trailers or commercial vehicles shall be permitted to park overnight in streets abutting a lot.
  12. No lot shall be used or maintained as a dumping ground for rubbish, trash, garbage or other waste shall not be kept except in sanitary containers properly concealed from public view.
  13. Every person, firm or corporation purchasing a lot in said subdivision shall be conclusively presumed by the recording to the conveyance of said property to such person, fir  or corporation to have agreed to abide by the provisions herein contained and to do and perform all affirmative acts required herein. Every person, firm or corporation purchasing a lot in Harbor Isle recognizes that the developer and others has the right to maintain such furnished model homes open to the public for inspection seven days per week for such hours as are deemed necessary and practical until all of the lots in the entire development have been sold.
  14. All dwellings erected in the subdivision shall meet the standards to Southern Building Code as amended from time to time and of such municipality as may have jurisdiction to any lot within the subdivision.
  15. All garages are to be enclosed and must be large enough to accommodate at least two cars. There shall be no gravel driveways or yards.
  16. All structures constructed on corner lots shall have identical outside finishes on all sides bordering on any street
  17. All dwellings must be of masonry or frame construction or a combination thereof and roofs shall be tile, concrete tile, asphalt, asbestos, slate or concrete stab. No flat deck or built up roof shall exceed 25% of the total roof area unless the plans and specifications of said roof ale approved by the developer prior to the beginning of construction.
  18. Fencing will be permitted only after written approval of the developer and shall be no higher than four (4) feet and not to extend beyond the front corner of the house or garage. lt must otherwise conform to the specifications of the City of  St.  Petersburg of residential purposes.
  19. Boats and/or trailers shall be properly concealed from public view at all times.
  20. HARBOR ISLE INVESTMENT COMPANY or its successor or assignee may modify or change the restrictions in any block provided that if at such time lots in the block are owned by five or more different owners, two-thirds of the owners in such block must consent to such change in writing, provided, however, this paragraph shall not apply to the restrictions in paragraph 25.
  21. HARBOR ISLE INVESTMENT COMPANY may assign or transfer its authority,  rights and privileges under these restrictions or any of them at any time to a committee or association to resident owners or homeowners corporation of the subdivision.
  22. No signs shall be place in any yards or upon any lots with the sole exception of one “For Sale” Sign per lot. Total size of which shall not exceed two feet square and such other signs as developer shall give its written approval to.
  23. No Internal combustion engines shall be allowed in that inland body of water adjacent to lots in Block 2.
  24. No dock, pier or any other structure shall be permitted to be constructed in the waters adjacent to any lot except that docks and piers may be constructed from the seawall into Tanglewood Channel on the following lots located in Block 3: Lois 3 through 23, inclusive.
  25. No boats shall be launched from any of the following lots which border on natural preserve areas nor shall there be any rights of ingress or egress in or upon such natural preserve areas: Lots 24 through 30, inclusive, Block 3.
  26. The term “developer” as used in these Restrictions shall refer 10 Harbor Isle Investment Company.
  27. These covenants and restrictions are to run with the land regardless of whether or not they are  specifically mentioned to any deeds or conveyances subsequently executed and shall be binding on all parties and all persons claiming under them until January 1, 2020 at which time said covenants and restrictions shall terminate unless the legal owners of at least seventy-five (75) percent of the lots shall elect to continue all or part of them for a period to be determined by said owners and shall establish this intention by a properly executed instrument In writing which shall be recorded in the place and in the manner provided for at that time.
  28. If any person, firm or corporation or their heirs or assigns shall violate or attempt to violate any to these covenants or restrictions before January 1, 2020 or any extension of writing thereof,  it shall be lawful for any other person or persons owning any part or parcel of any above described land to prosecute any proceeding at law or in equity against the person or persons violating or attempting to violate any such covenants or restrictions and either to prevent him or them from so doing or to recover damages or other dues for such violation.
  29. Invalidation of any one of these covenants by judgment or court order shall in no way affect any of the other provisions which shall remain in full force and effect.

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